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Welcome Duval County School Board Maintenance Workers

Please feel free to use this forum for communicating with your fellow employees. As always, you can remain anonymous, if you wish, with a nickname of your choice. Social media has become the best tool for winning an election, and … Continue reading

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watch out for employee engagement managers

A new tactic for corporate union busting. If one of these scumbags appear at your company, avoid them. If cornered by one, listen careful for verbal violations of your protected NLRA rights. No matter what they say, the company cannot legally threaten to fire … Continue reading

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Click on this Link to receive IBEW text message updates on Comcast

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Former Employee, out of options but to sue Comcast

Re-read TeamComcast handbook page 47, EEO Policy, Remember, you and managment signed off on this. Then open this link, and read the horror story this Comcast employee is living: I dare anyone who reads this to claim that Comcast doesn’t need a Union.

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Hello Comcast Workers

Welcome to Comcast Workers Update: Please Post your comments, complaints and wish lists here. You will always be anonymous, unless you wish to share your identity. Feel free to tell all, anti-union posts will be permitted, but no profanity or personal slander will be … Continue reading

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