jaxunionblog was created for workers in the non-union to communicate and learn about union organizing, without fear of retribution by their supervision. Unlike Facebook, those who would like to post or read other’s posts, can always be anonymous, if they like. Those who to choose to reveal themselves can do this as well.

Presently, jaxunionblog is focusing on recruiting comcast employees to participate. However, anyone not working for comcast or their subs are welcome to post, and we will start and moderate a thread for them as well. Although pundits and corporate backed political hacks have recently whipped up a general anti-union hysteria , a collectively bargained agreement still remains the best economic tool for the working middle class.

The gap between the haves and have nots has widened to epic proportions, as union membership has declined. Many, thinking they are the best at their position, cut their own deal and let the others fall where they may. Well that’s playing right into the hands of corporate interests. Now what becomes of the ones who fell by the wayside? They become dependent on the state. So, is it not better for your fellow worker to make a living wage and support their selves and their families? Or for you to scream in angst that now your taxes are subsidizing your under paid neighbor. No, this is not socialism, this is human love for their neighbor. That’s what unions are about, and thats what America is about.


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