Hello Comcast Workers

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Comcast Workers Update: Please Post your comments, complaints and wish lists here. You will always be anonymous, unless you wish to share your identity. Feel free to tell all, anti-union posts will be permitted, but no profanity or personal slander will be tolerated.  

Congratulations to the Techs that attended the informational meeting last week. You have taken the first step to a better working environment!

The meeting was about gathering information from Comcast employees concerning specific complaints with the working conditions. We were also looking for ways to communicate with employees without interference from supervisors and management.

In return we discussed how a collective bargaining agreement, giving each employee a voice and a vote in the collective bargaining process, will allow workers to improve their conditions. We discussed how a union is formed and how it works, what the employees must do to form a union, and what to expect from their employer who is retaliating against their will to organize a union.

What we learned from the workers present and those that e-mailed their comments is:

  • Working conditions continue to deteriorate.
  •  We have been told that supervisors (whose bonuses are dependent on the techs performance) admit in private that YOU need a union!  
  • The metric has evolved from a broken system of unobtainable goals for bonus and wage rewards, into a tool to punish, discriminate and terminate employees.   
  • Management cannot manage the workload and employees suffer with added calls, great distances between jobs and changing shifts.

Employees do have certain rights protected by Federal Law. There are other rights that can only be obtained with a written contract. The way to get a written contract is to have a majority of employees demanding it!

The National Labor Relations Board will conduct (and monitor) an election if the IBEW can provide the proper show of support from employees. If you agree your working conditions can be improved by uniting together and collectively bargaining with Comcast and want the help of an internationally proven collective bargaining representative, then you should authorize the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to represent you! This is a simple procedure.  Contact the IBEW and tell them “I want to sign an Authorization Card!

THERE WILL BE MORE MEETINGS!  You can also contact the IBEW by;

                E-mail – organizingdept@ibew177.org 

                Phone – 904-588-4950


We all know that worldwide, there is a “War on the working Classes”. From Wisconsin to Tallahassee, the “haves” are plotting daily to take even more from the “have not’s”. How much more are you willing to give up maintaining your bosses’ lavish lifestyle? As we do without, bosses’ compensation is at obscene levels.

The opportunity to sustain this Union Campaign is in your hands! Sign A Card!

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17 Responses to Hello Comcast Workers

  1. coaxeman says:

    Well some one must be first. everything is messed up here. if you worked at comcast at least a year you know. Ive been here almost 15 and I forget what a raise looks like. Maybe the union is th answer?

    • Tech23 says:

      Well, someone must be second, and Thank You to whomsoever created this anonymous Blog. My name is not Tech23, yet Comcast now can’t fire me nor retaliate against me for speaking my mind, beautiful, I will spread the word on my end “coaxeman” and I hope You do likewise to get all Technicians posting Comments to see where they stand. I have not personally being working for Comcast for 15 years, not old enough to have been there that long, yet been working for them for over a Year now and it is beyond apparent that I will never receive a raise and the working conditions don’t seem to be improving any time soon. On top of that, they are making it harder and harder on us as each day passes to actually live up to the “Customer Service” they claim we provide, they don’t give us enough time to provide the Customer the needs they are entitled to, and that’s due to the lack of time we are pressured to work under, am tired of having to apologize to the Customers for something that is out of my hands, meaning the lack of time we have to care for the Customer and the faulty equipment they continue having us install to then turn around and have to fix, it is ridiculous, and am sure everyone has their own reasons for feeling like we are not being treated with any respect what so ever, yet my biggest problem is the working conditions and the pressure they put on us to complete the installations. On the matters of of receiving a raise “coaxeman”, I gave up on the wishful thinking that receiving a raise will ever happen. I can go on and on about the the need for us to come together and seek the assistance of the Union, regardless on my sentiments about Unions, we really have no other choice, we need representation cause we have NO voice NOR vote, and I don’t foresee our conditions improving any time soon. With that said, I will agree that we need a Union to represent us, although I don’t know much about Unions, I know it has to be better than what we have now, which is nothing. I would like to know what the rest of You think, let’s keep the Conversations flowing and together come up with solutions on how to improve Our wages and working conditions. If everyone believes that having a Union speaking out on Our behalf and representing us, and maybe this way we will be treated like Human beings, then I am in. The decision must come from all of us, just putting in my two cents on the matter. I will be blogging quite frequently, I hope everyone joins in, We deserve better!!!

  2. coaxeman says:

    I think you nailed it, tech23. the union guys are handing out cards with this website and i hope others will join in. I know a couple of guys on my side of town,and if they don’t post, well put it this way, they like to talk the talk, if i don’t see them here well then we will know

  3. Fernando says:

    The best thing I ever did in my life was joining a union. Since then my life and the lives of my family have changed for the better. My 2 daughters are now both in college, I have a pension and a good paying and rewarding career. I would recomend joining a union to anyone who works.

  4. Joe Roberts says:

    Over a thousand rally in Jacksonville sending a message to Florida Legislature! Rallys were held all over the state. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNmIx6Zeex0

  5. coaxeman says:

    The Rally was a blast! I lost count at over 700 pissed off taxpayers. Most people, at least 40 to 1, were giving the thumbs up. To the ones who hate teachers, you have my pity. An uneducated public is a poor public, kneeling to the corporate/government will. What will they do for a taxbase when everyone’s making 7 dollars an hour?

  6. DEB says:

    I got a card the other day with this site on it. We don’t need any union interfering with our business. Management will listen to us and respond to any problems we have. This is one of the best jobs in Jax!

    • comclash says:

      Thanks for posting, Deb. Wow, I’ve only heard management themselves say that before, and they were reading that word for word out of an anti-union instruction manual. You must be new, sure they’ll ‘listen’, now, while the union is trying to help. 5 years ago Comcast ‘listened’, & made promises. We stopped signing cards, the union said: “were postponing this untill you’re really fed up”, and they moved out. Since the union stepped back, all promises, have been broken and conditions are worse than ever. IMHO

  7. coaxeman says:

    Hey have you ever done an install with a reconditioned box or modem, and roaches started running out of them right in front of the customer? Best job in Jax huh? Do you know what JEA, UPS, Maxwell House, Embev, Miller Electric, WW Gay, Post Office, even Swisher (all of them are union) make? Just as important, they all have a retirement plan.

  8. Tech23 says:

    Thank You for Your posting Deb; We are all entitled to our own opinions on the matter and Your posting illustrates that You are being taking care of, as You stated, Congratulations Deb. I personally can not share the same opinion as Yours Deb, for the Union guys have stated that they’re intentions are to assist us to bargain for better wages and better working conditions, they never said they were going to interfere with “Our” business. To the contrary, when I was approached by the union guy to give me the info. on this website, the first thing he said was that he did not want to take up much of my time to “Not” interfere with Our “business”, he did not hesitate to tell me right away that he had no intentions in slowing me down from my work schedule. He also stated that it was up to us whether we wanted to be represented by the union, we will determine that, not the union. In addition, Iv’e been approached be two union guys in two separate occasions and they both stated the same, so I can’ agree with the statement made that we don’t need a union interfering with our business, cause they both made it clear that they will not be doing that. It will be up to us to determine whether we want an union or not, no one can vote for us, it is our decision, they are only trying to assist us in getting better wages and much needed better working conditions. The comment regarding that Management will listen to us and respond to any problems we have is humorous, where do You work at? This is one of the best jobs in Jax., well maybe there isn’t many jobs out there right now, but stating this is one of the best jobs in town, once again, where do You work at. I believe we deserve better and management is going to continue talking down the union, maybe is because the union will actually help us in getting what we deserve and management’s Bonuses will then not be as large. If the company is willing to continue talking down the union, is probably because with the union, we will actually have a voice and a vote, and they don’t want that. I believe we need a union, conditions are definitely not going to improve without the union, that atleast is obvious to me. I hope more Techs join in and give their opinion on the matter, We deserve better.

  9. Joe Roberts says:

    VOTE TODAY! Before you vote the “GOD, guns, gay” agenda think about this. Think about life in Jax today. Think about taxes and fees. Think about attacks on Firemen, Policemen, Teachers and all other public servants! Think about all the politicians promising to reduce taxes and improve government! The facts; Republicans have controlled local and state government for the last 16 years! Taxes and fees have increased! Corporate privateers have replaced many public workers! Public services have decreased and the cost of those services has increased! Our Local and State governments are broke! Those politicians who claim to be fiscally responsible are the ones who caused it! VOTE TODAY!

  10. FTwinnkyM says:

    The question that I would like to put out there is what‘s the average time a person employed with Comcast has in your crew? Not to put any words in any ones mouth but I hear it is 5 -7 years in the Ft. Myers area and that’s not say that there have been employee there longer, but what is the average. Is that because of the burn out and after doing the overtime, changes in shifts, added quotas, pay and benefits not keeping up with the cost of everything, and just not being treated like a Human? The one thing you can do if you do like your job and company is make it better (do you have ideas of what could make it better)so you can have a place to retire from. Or do you think about retiring from Comcast? If the average time at Comcast is what I heard it is then Comcast doesn’t believe or think you will retire there either unless you move up to a management position and how many of them are available. One way to do this is to have a voice in the decisions. Join together collectively and form a Union. You will hear about a third party getting in between you and your company. Let me just tell you one thing to remember and it is you and your co-workers that are the Union and the company sure doesn’t want you in between them and their business. Just ask yourself how that two party thing is going for you now? The closer you get to your goals to form a Union the more you will see the company do in retaliation. They have gone as far as to call in HR people from all over the country and have them ride with you for days to intimidate you into not having a voice and forming a union. I am asking you to Stand up and be counted because you do not have a contract now and you will never have one unless you try.

  11. NComjak says:

    I thought I could make a difference 4yrs ago. I use to believe I was the best spokesman for myself. I believed I could change the popular opinions. I believed if I showed customers and other Technicians I really care about providing excellent customer service it would be enough and one man could make a difference. Providing Legendary Customer service is not enough… You must believe you deserve better… The current Comcast at will work agreement you have NOW; allows for personal feelings bias interpretation of your work performance and Comcast Policy. This only benefits one party. One man cannot do it alone. Raise your hand if you have heard this… If you cannot adjust to change maybe this is not the job for you… This is the change you have been waiting for VOTE Union.
    One voice speaks volumes.

  12. Joe Roberts says:

    Thrasher wants your Parks!

    JOIN US APRIL 1, 2011, 5 PM.
    A coalition of citizens will meet at the west side of Regency Square Shopping center across from the Crowley Office building. Sen. John Thrasher has an office in the Crowley Building. We need to send him a message that he cannot have our state parks to build golf courses. He cannot spend our state treasury paying 2.5 million for the design of golf courses that will swallow up our state parks. Thrasher has gone too far, first he went after our teachers, next he attacked all state workers, he has proposed legislation to make government bigger while campaigning against BIG government.

    Join US, April 1, 2011 5 PM.

    Call Marvin Murphy @ 904-219-2675.

  13. Joe Roberts says:

    Several years ago a group of cable TV workers contacted our union with a request to unionize their workplace. At the time the company was called AT&T Broadband. The workers complained of unfair advancement opportunities, unrealistic goals, and in general crappy working conditions. Some workers were familiar with how unions can be beneficial in the workplace. Most were not. AT&T Broadband had agreed to be neutral with respect to the employee’s desire for a union. They Lied! The company discriminated, coerced and intimidated workers until they were afraid to associate with union supporters. They continue to lie, coerce and intimidate employees today! A union will not come to your workplace like the White Knight and save you. You and your co-workers must make the move. You must MAN-UP! If you want a union, you must act. Start by contributing your thoughts to this blog. Start conversations with your co-workers here and continue them into the workplace. It is legal for you to talk about unions in your workplace! When you and your co-workers stand up for yourselves together you have more strength than when you stand alone. Try it!

  14. CableDawg says:

    Don’t be scared. I have been a memeber of 2 different unions up north and my pay, benefits and retirement were excellent. Join up!! Enough is enough! When are we going to get what are entitled to? I for one want better benefits. We fill out a survey every year and I ask for better benefits and what do they do? They drop the provider I liked and leave me to pick one I hate. Thanks for listening. The only listening they do here is when you are negative. It’s sad. And no one is paid what they deserve to be paid. Stand up for yourself and your fellow workers!!! Join the union!!

  15. Unionman says:

    Pay and benefits are all that matter..Our pay is flat and our benefits continue to get more expensive every open enrollment.They say and I quote it’s the economy.. I am willing to bet that Director and above has a contract and negotiates their pay and benefits.. I challenge all of you who read this to educate yourself on what unions are really like and the good they can do for the working class.. Do not believe what your management tells you ask them the tough questions I did and you would be amazed at the answers my group was told from the top brass. They called me a rabble rouser and a thug we are not thugs we just want a little piece of the American Dream too. We are all here to make money so we can feed our family NOTHING more!!! Spread the word about this blog sign a card the management will not know you sign it’s not a contract just a show of intrest. Keep up with this blog for more information and future meetings dates. Remember to spread the word. Our power is in our numbers so I urge you all to call Joe or Bill and get to a meeting!!

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