Welcome Duval County School Board Maintenance Workers

Please feel free to use this forum for communicating with your fellow employees. As always, you can remain anonymous, if you wish, with a nickname of your choice.
Social media has become the best tool for winning an election, and showing your concerns in future negotiations.
And remember the most important thing is to get those cards signed!
The IBEW stands shoulder to shoulder with you, in solidarity.

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watch out for employee engagement managers

A new tactic for corporate union busting. If one of these scumbags appear at your company, avoid them. If cornered by one, listen careful for verbal violations of your protected NLRA rights. No matter what they say, the company cannot legally threaten to fire you, replace you with subcontractors or shutdown the company for concerted Union activities. If you feel intimidated by these hired guns, contact the National Labor Relations Board at  866 667 NLRB. Or call IBEW  LU 177 at 904 355 4569 and ask for Bill or Joe.

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Click on this Link to receive IBEW text message updates on Comcast



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Former Employee, out of options but to sue Comcast

Re-read TeamComcast handbook page 47, EEO Policy, Remember, you and managment signed off on this. Then open this link, and read the horror story this Comcast employee is living: 


I dare anyone who reads this to claim that Comcast doesn’t need a Union.

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Hello Comcast Workers

Welcome to WordPress.com.

Comcast Workers Update: Please Post your comments, complaints and wish lists here. You will always be anonymous, unless you wish to share your identity. Feel free to tell all, anti-union posts will be permitted, but no profanity or personal slander will be tolerated.  

Congratulations to the Techs that attended the informational meeting last week. You have taken the first step to a better working environment!

The meeting was about gathering information from Comcast employees concerning specific complaints with the working conditions. We were also looking for ways to communicate with employees without interference from supervisors and management.

In return we discussed how a collective bargaining agreement, giving each employee a voice and a vote in the collective bargaining process, will allow workers to improve their conditions. We discussed how a union is formed and how it works, what the employees must do to form a union, and what to expect from their employer who is retaliating against their will to organize a union.

What we learned from the workers present and those that e-mailed their comments is:

  • Working conditions continue to deteriorate.
  •  We have been told that supervisors (whose bonuses are dependent on the techs performance) admit in private that YOU need a union!  
  • The metric has evolved from a broken system of unobtainable goals for bonus and wage rewards, into a tool to punish, discriminate and terminate employees.   
  • Management cannot manage the workload and employees suffer with added calls, great distances between jobs and changing shifts.

Employees do have certain rights protected by Federal Law. There are other rights that can only be obtained with a written contract. The way to get a written contract is to have a majority of employees demanding it!

The National Labor Relations Board will conduct (and monitor) an election if the IBEW can provide the proper show of support from employees. If you agree your working conditions can be improved by uniting together and collectively bargaining with Comcast and want the help of an internationally proven collective bargaining representative, then you should authorize the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to represent you! This is a simple procedure.  Contact the IBEW and tell them “I want to sign an Authorization Card!

THERE WILL BE MORE MEETINGS!  You can also contact the IBEW by;

                E-mail – organizingdept@ibew177.org 

                Phone – 904-588-4950


We all know that worldwide, there is a “War on the working Classes”. From Wisconsin to Tallahassee, the “haves” are plotting daily to take even more from the “have not’s”. How much more are you willing to give up maintaining your bosses’ lavish lifestyle? As we do without, bosses’ compensation is at obscene levels.

The opportunity to sustain this Union Campaign is in your hands! Sign A Card!

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